Alex Oesch Portrait.jpg

About the Artist

Gratitude.  Humility.  Generosity.  Compassion.  Authenticity.  Levity.  I use the canvas as a vehicle to express my philosophy of life, nothing worth having comes easy, there are no shortcuts, the time we invest in something is a measurement of its importance in our lives.  Painting for me is more than just an artistic endeavor, it goes beyond a therapeutic exercise, simply put painting is essential as breathing.

Nurtured throughout life by the vast beauty and inherent wonder of the Pacific Northwest I have always turned to nature as a source of inspiration.  Nature provides a perspective like nothing else can.  It provides a shock to the core of your being, where things begin to have order and make sense despite the chaos and at times because of the chaos.  The beautiful and perfect simplicity of nature is intoxicating, my work is a labor to communicate that order.  

Art is the means by which we can create a common ground where we may reintegrate our very separate existence.  At its highest purpose art is to be shared with and experienced by others.  I believe that everyone should be encouraged to have original art in their homes and offices.  Art ownership is not only reserved for collectors, everyone should have access to and be encouraged to consume art.  Trust yourself, if a particular painting speaks to you, if it's something you can't stop thinking about then maybe it belongs in your home to be enjoyed daily.  Part of my mission as an artist is to help make this process more approachable.  It starts with a conversation and a relationship.